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Glass CounterTop & BackSplash

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Our modern glass countertops for kitchens, islands, bars and bathrooms bring elegance to any surface. Send us your countertop specifications today!

Glass kitchen countertops by CreativeGlass2010 will make your kitchen look amazing. Variety of textures and edge finishes available.

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Back painted glass is a durable material that retains its original appearance year after year.

There are many of design trends that have proven to be short-term just as fast as they came onto the arena. But Back painted glass is simple, yet luxurious architectural details that tend to stand the test of time.

Back painted glass is a unique use of glass that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is essentially what it sounds like – glass that has been painted on the back side. That way, from the front side, the glass is no longer translucent, but instead a solid color.

It can be used in kitchen and bathrooms too. The new modern trend many are following is to use back painted glass in kitchens as a backsplash. Not only is glass easy to clean and maintain, it is a not comparable material that may help cut down on germs and bacteria from food products. Similar applications are used in bathrooms where back painted glass is now taking the place in areas where tile was once used such as on walls and in showers.