Glass fireplaces & accent walls

Glass FirePlace

A beautiful fire on a cold night is a delight. But it loses its glamor when you must wait for it to burn out before heading to bed. A wood fire left on isn’t safe. Unlike a gas fireplace, which can be switched off, the only way to leave a wood fire is to close it off with glass doors.

Adding a Glass not only adds beauty to your fireplace, it also helps your fireplace burn more effectively, reduce heating & cooling costs and gives protection for your family and home.

Our Glass Fireplace brings a new look and style to your home.

An open fireplace is just like an open window. A Glass Fireplace helps avert warm air being lost up the chimney during the winter and keeps cool air in during the summer which can help reduce your heating & cooling costs.

Accent Walls

Whether light and bright, or dark and dramatic, an accent wall is a great way to have a little fun with color or pattern. So if you’re looking for an extra pop in your living room, consider an accent wall to invigorate things.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to make a big impact in any space, an accent wall is the answer. Forget the one red wall style of accent walls from several years ago, accent walls have gone creative.

Choose a color that works well with your other colors in the space. If your existing wall color is warm, you’ll want to choose a warm wall color.

An accent wall can be an ideal way to break up a large room, to highlight a particularly great architectural feature, or to impress a sense of the remarkable in an otherwise completely ordinary space.